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Effective Pain Relief Through Power Of Heat

Reduce Pain, Heal Faster

Designed with physiotherapists, ThermoDR harnesses the power of heat as a safe, effective way to remedy a range of aches, pains and injuries.

Heat or Cold

ThermoDR offers a range of treatments developed to suit  specific symptoms. Find out which product is best for you.

Heat therapy works by improving blood flow to an affected area of the body which can sooth pain and discomfort whilst increasing muscle flexibility, heal damaged tissue and speed recovery.

Heat works best for ongoing aches and pains or injuries that are at least a fe days old. As heat opens blood vessels it can assist the healing process and alleviate pain from muscle tension or injury, arthritis pain or stiff joints, period pain and IBS; even tension and headaches

Cold therapy works by reducing blood flow to a particular area, which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain, especially around a joint or a tendon.

Cold therapy is best used quickly after injuries including sprains, strains or freshly pulled muscles. Applying cold can reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain in those early stages of injury. It can also reduce painful muscle spasms.

Heat therapy is often most beneficial when used for a good amount of time, unlike cold therapy, which needs to be limited.

Heat Therapy: Minor stiffness or tension can often be relieved with only 15 to 20 minutes of heat therapy at a time, however moderate to severe pain can benefit from longer sessions.

Cold Therapy: You should apply cold therapy as soon as possible to an injury. Follow product instructions and use for short sessions, approximately 10 to 15 mins, several times a day. Elevate the affected area for best results.

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“Heat promotes pain relief and can allow people to stand and walk for longer and without as much pain.” 

Rivka, Oakley Physio

"Your heat packs really help with my stomach cramps from my IBS and my Fibroids I sometimes have to use one when standing up cooking evening meals they also help with my back pain, I try not to use medication when possible as the heat packs are a natural alternative and is better for your body."
Ryan Dewsbury
"For some it is just comforting and for others can greatly aid pain relief especially it seems for those who have abdominal pain."

Jenni Hallman, Great Ormand Street Hospital
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